A Positively Plant-Based Experience at The Seed

by Janel DuRoss

This past weekend, The Seed Experience took place in Brooklyn, NY. If you are not familiar with this event, keep your ears and eyes open for next year’s annual expo as it is a festival not to be missed. The entire event is filled with vegan and vegetarian fare, a yummy array of foods, beverages, skin care, clothing and so much more. Plants seem to be the revolution of the future for our health, skin and general vitality!

I scoured each aisle, and these are some of my favorite vendors. Make sure to check out their websites!

Africrops! – Morninga (a tree native to northwest India) is a superfood often called “Miracle Tree” since it contains numerous nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, plus high levels of vitamins B, C, D and E. It’s an excellent tool to add to your day to help with overall nutrition, relieve stress, support a healthy weight and strengthen digestion.

How to use: Add the Moringa powder to make a unique and yummy guacamole, healing smoothie, a wonderful tea – hot or chilled. Make sure to check out Africrops! blog for recipes and their social media.

be clean – I was immediately drawn to this booth as the presentation, display and packaging represented clean honesty in all the products. Be Clean is a unique shop offering a potpourri of artisanal skin care products with the best ingredients to put on your face and body using essential oils and plant botanicals. I had the opportunity to chat with Becky (founder) about the brands she carries that are only plant based ingredients, no additives, thickeners, synthetics, chemicals or preservatives. If you have any concerns about the products or contraindications or possible reactions, Becky is quick to find the answer for you. Remember your skin is your largest organ, be mindful of what you put on it.

botanic water – If you love adding a dash of lemon or lime to your glass of water, then you’ll love this savvy line of botanical waters – rose, ginger, jasmine and artichoke waters are hitting up the yoga studios, fitness boutiques and cocktail events. Besides the wonderful scent of most of these plant waters, you’ll also reap much desired wellness benefits such as: mood uplifter, stimulate digestion, increase metabolism, release muscle aches and pains, reduce inflammation and improve your skin. The best part – there’s only 2 ingredients to these hydrating waters – purified water & the organic plant! They all taste clean and fresh, it’s really challenging to decide on a favorite!

Spanky’s Kitchen – Specializes in feel good vegan comfort food. I’m a connoisseur of chocolate, I excitedly indulged in their vegan fudge brownie, I was not disappointed, it was so amazing, gooey chocolateness – I was in heaven! Make sure to check them out to see which piece of heaven you would like to try.

DF Mavens – Love ice cream, but dairy doesn’t love you back? Well, DF Mavens is your yummy solution to dairy free frozen desert! The company offers soy, coconut and almond base collections, since I adore chocolate, I savored the chocolate ‘almond’ fudge. Delicious ! My friend Douglas, enjoyed the coconut flavor Key Lime Creme and he usually favors regular dairy ice cream, yet enjoyed this one he liked just the same.

CitriSqueeze – I’m a fanatic about innovative tools, especially for the kitchen that helps me whip up a quick meal. This tool, CitriSqueeze really makes a powerful statement of it’s own. Need a dash of lemon or lime? you have it within 5 secs! Insert the serrated end into the fruit, twist until the lip seals tightly against the rind, squeeze and voila: fresh juice! CitriSqueeze saves the fruit up to 5 days in frig to use repeated use. No more wasting your money or fruit.
Get idea for gifts, bbq, the beach and poolside fete.

Lastly, I was thrilled to see my hero Rich Roll speak at The Seed. His life’s story, a major health transformation and boundary-pushing athleticism (from 40yrs old at 210lbs receding hair and full of inflammation to at 45yrs old 160 lbs turned ultra athlete, completing two Ultraman World Championships and Epic 5 Challenge) is helping people revitalize their health around the globe. Rich has written two books Finding Ultra and The Plant Power Way, both excellent and inspiring reads with beautiful photography and recipes. I highly recommend you check him out.

Enjoy your plant power exploration!

Janel teaches yoga, meditation, thai bodywork and related movement workshops in NJ and NYC. To learn more about her, visit her website.

(Photo by Pictoscribe)


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